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Word Spree: Thanksgiving Word Spree - using random words, students can create their own Thanksgiving MadLibs! There are 15 stories available with categories such as Dinner Time, Traditions, Turkey Tales and Family Gatherings. It features such story titles as Turkey Pardon, Grandma’s Recipes, Monster Turkey and Embarrassing Family. If you get stuck on a word you can use the app Randomizer to find words for you. The results are hilarious! $.99

Mr. Turkey, Where Are You? This app was created to teach a young boy who has autism spectrum disorder. He covered new vocabulary, language-based concepts & social communication skills. The author found that incorporating the interests of her son and also photos of him in the story helped him to stay engaged and relate to the teaching topic more easily.

Hand Turkey mt=8 Free Kids place their hands on the iPad to magically create their very own hand turkey. Then students can decorate the turkeys with hats, stars and more. This app suitable for your PreK - 2nd grade students

Thanksgiving Matching Game This iPad game is best for young learners ages 3-8. This game teachers and reinforces visual discrimination and memory skills. It is easy to learn and ideal for students with short attention spans. Kids will match cute Thanksgiving images while they enjoy learning!

App of the Week

Dropbox allows you to store and share all of your files, from photos and videos to music and documents. You can access your files from any computer, tablet, or mobile device, using an app or the Dropbox website. If there’s a failure with your device or your files, they would be safely backed up with the Dropbox cloud.
This is a must-have for teachers & classrooms. It makes getting to your "stuff"a lot more convenient - no matter where you are.

App of the Week - Draw & Tell

App of the Week - PhotoFunia

PhotoFunia - a great photo app that is both fun and educational. Using this app, or the same web site, students can place their own picture, or groups of pictures into over 300 different backgrounds and locations.

App of the Week

App of the Week

Check out our app of the week - AppsGoneFree. This app is available to download from iTunes for FREE. AppsGoneFree generates a list of daily free apps, for both the iPhone and the iPad.  It features apps that are only free for the day and others that are free for a time frame. From this app, you are able to go directly to the iTunes store in order to see the individual app reviews, make sure it it still free, and also see screen shots of the app before you choose to add the app to your device.

App of the Week

Math Bingo is an educational math app for kids ages 5-12. This app can help your child learn to add, subtract, multiply and divide using the simple game of Bingo. Students can choose a level and are presented with 25 questions to answer as quickly as possible. When they get the answer correct, the square fills with a cute alien. These are timed reviews but the timer runs out only when they finish all the problems so there is no stress to get them all done before time is up. Then they can be encouraged to beat their time on the next try.


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