App of the Week

Dropbox allows you to store and share all of your files, from photos and videos to music and documents. You can access your files from any computer, tablet, or mobile device, using an app or the Dropbox website. If there’s a failure with your device or your files, they would be safely backed up with the Dropbox cloud.
This is a must-have for teachers & classrooms. It makes getting to your "stuff"a lot more convenient - no matter where you are.

App of the Week - Draw & Tell

App of the Week - PhotoFunia

PhotoFunia - a great photo app that is both fun and educational. Using this app, or the same web site, students can place their own picture, or groups of pictures into over 300 different backgrounds and locations.

App of the Week

App of the Week

App of the Week

Check out our app of the week - AppsGoneFree. This app is available to download from iTunes for FREE. AppsGoneFree generates a list of daily free apps, for both the iPhone and the iPad.  It features apps that are only free for the day and others that are free for a time frame. From this app, you are able to go directly to the iTunes store in order to see the individual app reviews, make sure it it still free, and also see screen shots of the app before you choose to add the app to your device.

App of the Week

Math Bingo is an educational math app for kids ages 5-12. This app can help your child learn to add, subtract, multiply and divide using the simple game of Bingo. Students can choose a level and are presented with 25 questions to answer as quickly as possible. When they get the answer correct, the square fills with a cute alien. These are timed reviews but the timer runs out only when they finish all the problems so there is no stress to get them all done before time is up. Then they can be encouraged to beat their time on the next try.

App of the Week - April 29, 2013


Word Wizard is an engaging way to work on phonics and to study spelling with children. This app provides letters of the alphabet, which children can move together to be read out loud phonetically, allowing them to practice building simple words, sounds or even complex phrases or sentences. In addition, you can create quizzes using predefined spelling lists or using your own lists. You can also track the progress of your students with detailed reports.


We get to play with iPads today!” This was the phrase we heard most often as we traveled to each of the Carrollton Exempted Village elementary 5th grade classrooms with iPads in tow. As we entered each Language Arts classroom, the excitement of the students was nearly uncontainable. After giving just a brief set of directions, we turned each classroom loose, with an iPad, and a simple app called StoryPatch (available from iTunes App Store). The job of each class was to create, and illustrate a story, in the 50 minute class period. This type of task is an assignment that is usually a chore that each child is accustomed to in the language arts classroom today. But with the iPad in hand, suddenly they forgot they were writing a story.

VoiceThread – A Talk in the Cloud

Previously our ECOESC technology blog featured the Web 2.0 tool Glogster for creating interactive posters.  Now let’s take a look another Web 2.0 tool that can bring engagement and collaboration to your classroom.  VoiceThread – Conversations in the Cloud – is a student centered Web 2.0 tool with diverse classroom potential.   Take your typical classroom slide shows to a new level by fully incorporating the 4Cs of 21st Century Learning Skills:  Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration and Creativity – all within one tool.&nb


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