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The ECOESC has a number of video conferencing sessions available to school districts. Pricing for all sessions, for anyone not a part of the TEC-LINK consortium, is $90 per session. Please Note: Spending Time with a Pilgrim sessions are $115 per session. There is a limit of 35 students per session, and your sessions are available in an on-demand fashion. That means you can request our programs for a time and date that fit your classroom needs. All programs must be booked through CILC ( There may be an additional charge for class sizes over 35 especially for those sessions involving materials that are sent out. Please contact us for specific pricing for larger groups.

TEC-LINK Members: feel free to contact us with any program suggestions. We gladly create custom units for your classrooms!

You may not record any video conference session without prior written approval from the ECOESC.

Please see the calendar at the bottom of the page for video conference availability.

Once your reader is hooked with a Great Beginning, the writer needs to REEL them in with an Extraordinary Ending in the student writing. During this session, students will learn what makes a great ending to a story and will practice making audience-capturing endings to written work. We will use author examples to help reinforce the concept of Extraordinary Endings in writing.

Fairy tales are a part of every students’ early reading experiences and are rich with language skills! Join us as we use fairy tales, both familiar and fractured, to help your students better understand language skills. Your students will be actively engaged in an interactive video conference which includes engaging questions, video clips, cloze activities and follow-up procedures. This conference was developed for the 3rd grade level and aligns with Ohio content standards

The program will introduce your students to different techniques to begin their writing whether it is a narrative or informational writing. The program will identify different ways to begin their writing to create interest for their audience. Students will be introduced to how well known authors begin their writing. Using examples, students will create their own story-start based on the provided examples. This is a very engaging and interactive program, with active student participation.

Join us in this interactive video conference lesson as we learn the story of Earth Day and discuss ways to keep our planet healthy. Students will participate in activities focusing on the 3R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle) and are encouraged to “rethink” their use of planet Earth’s renewable and nonrenewable resources.

Is it living or is it non? Join us as we teach young learners about the differences between living things and nonliving things through movement, graphics, songs, and discussion. During the session, students will use magazines or other picture sources to create a portable book that shows living things and nonliving things. This session is geared to the kindergarten and 1st grade science standards.


In the month of November, the ECOESC presents an interactive video conference session about the Pilgrims’ voyage to the New World and their first year in the new world. This story is told through the eyes of Mary Allerton, an actual child of the original Mayflower passengers. It is designed for the 1st grade level, but can be adapted for Kindergarten or 2nd grade. A hands-on craft activity will be done during this session. This is a 45 minute session. This unit is available any time, but most popular during the month of November. *Extra fee for additional craft kits. Contact us for exact pricing.


Spooktacular M & M’s (Math & Mammals) centers on the very interesting mammal, the bat. This content rich video conference combines problem solving, creative crafts and science facts. We learn characteristics of the bat and at the same time create a bat craft.


Students today are clear thinkers, and have valuable opinions and ideas about things that affect their lives. However, teaching them to properly express those opinions is another matter entirely! Join us as we help your students “Sway this Way!” and learn about the most effective ways to write persuasively! During this interactive video conference, students will see examples of persuasive writing -both print and media, they will evaluate a sample of a persuasive letter, and will begin to write a new persuasive letter while in a collaborative setting.


This content session was created for 1st or 2nd grade students and is aligned with Ohio Content Standards involving U. S. symbols. Your children will be asked to design a class flag. They will learn about the Bald Eagle, White House, Liberty Bell, Statue of Liberty and the flag. Children will be introduced to Washington D. C. as our nation’s capital, and experience several short video clips that will familiarize the students with these symbols.