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I need to renew my license. What do I do?

To renew a certificate, you must go through your district’s LPDC. Actual application is then made through our office. Contact Dianne Gibbs or call (330) 308-9939 x8203.

What is an LPDC?

A Local Professional Development Committee oversees the Licensure process for the local district it serves. The purpose of the LPDC is to review course work and professional development activities completed by educators and used for the renewal of certificates and licenses.

I'm not employed in a district. What do I do?

If you are not employed in a district you will need to have 6 semester hours to renew your teaching license. If your license has lapsed for up to five years due to not meeting the professional development requirements may be reinstated upon completion of 9 semester hours of coursework relevant to classroom teaching. If your license has lapsed for more than five years, you will need 12 semester hours of professional coursework to activate your license.

I want to upgrade my certificate to a Teaching License. What do I do?

If you are a teacher in Tuscarawas, Carroll, Harrison or Belmont County, contact Dianne Gibbs. You will need to have completed the specified number of class hours for your upgrade, and have the appropriate years of service.


Dianne Gibbs
Phone: (330) 308-9939 ext 8203