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COVID-19 Updates & Aid

The East Central Ohio Educational Service Center (“ESC”) recognizes that the closure of schools across Ohio in response to the Coronavirus pandemic has created childcare dilemmas for many families. The school closures have also left Ohio’s substitute teachers without employment. In an effort to solve these mutual problems, the ESC is using its website to post the names and contact information of these substitute teachers interested in finding childcare work from the families of the ESC’s school district clients.

The individuals listed below are not employees, agents, partners, volunteers, or contractors of the ESC, the North Coast Shared Services Alliance, or the local school district in which your child is enrolled. The ESC makes no representations regarding these individuals’ experience in or fitness for providing childcare services. The ESC is not permitted to disclose whether these individuals have received criminal background checks. Therefore, if you are interested, please ask that question of the individual when you contact them. The ESC therefore makes no representation regarding whether they are currently under any legal disability which would otherwise prevent them from performing childcare services. A person contacting any of the individuals listed below for childcare services assumes all risks of any nature whatsoever which may be incurred as a result of the individual for childcare services.

ECOESC Childcare Resources

Additionally, as parents and students navigate education from home, please see the following pages for information about our services and some additional educational information: