Preschool Aide – Substitute

East Central Ohio ESC

The East Central Ohio ESC is seeking individuals interested in working with preschool students on a part-time/as-needed basis.  Individuals will step-in to fulfill the role of the normal classroom aide and assist the teacher with educational activities, clerical duties, and one-on-one student support.


Minimum Qualifications:

  • High school diploma
  • Valid Ohio license or permit appropriate for the assignment
  • Record free of criminal violations that would prohibit public school employment
  • Previous experience working with school age children preferred
  • Meets preschool licensing law/annual training requirements



  • Works with small groups and/or individual students according to the teacher’s instructions
  • Helps students with a wide range of maturity & developmental levels learn appropriate skills
  • Offers help when students ask or their behavior suggests they need assistance
  • Supports an inclusive educational environment and helps students with disabilities participate in appropriate peer group activities as directed
  • Encourages student creativity using music, art, and play activities that address the learning style of each student
  • Actively participates in planned recreational activities and takes precautions to ensure safety
  • May assist students with mobility needs and/or assistive or augmentative devices
  • Supervises non-classroom activities as directed (i.e., arrival/departure, lunch, recess, field trips)
  • Works with teacher to address behavior problems; assists with intervention and/or intervention plans as needed
  • Helps prepare classroom, maintain supplies, organize storage of equipment and sanitize as necessary
  • Performs clerical work related to classroom activities and prepares classroom equipment for use
  • Monitors ill students until a parent/guardian arrives
  • Prepares snacks for student as required; assists students with routine hygiene
  • Performs other duties as required

To apply for this job email your details to